The 21st century is the age when Asiawill be the center of the world business.

In Shurin, we conduct sophisticated vocational education mainly in language. At Shurin Japanese School and Shurin College of Foreign Language Japanese Department,
we assist students to realize their dream of connecting their home countries and Japan through Japanese language and culture.


We organize classes by levels with 15 to 20 students each to conduct practical curriculum.
Boasting a high passing rate in Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1, many of those who wish to proceed academics are admitted to vocational schools, universities, graduate schools, etc. in Japan.
Expert staffs will consult in daily life, admission, etc.
Students will understand Japan deeply through experiencing a variety of Japanese culture.
Scholarships will be presented to those with excellent academic achievements.
“The ability to present in Japanese” will be fostered through presentation time.


We will support students so that they realize the dreams of success in East Asia as well as in the world in the future through learning Japanese as an Asian language. We provide an education to acquire competent Japanese language ability to be able to “listen, talk, read, and write” freely in Japanese. Furthermore, we will try to have students understand not only the language but also the Japanese culture which is the background of the language through experience.


Shurin was founded in 1988. We will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year by fostering international students in East Asia.

School Kanai Gakuen established Shurin College of Foreign Language near Kameido station of the JR Sobu line, full of Tokyo’s downtown emotion, in 1988, and opened Shurin Japanese School near Ryogoku in 2001. We are continuing to develop prominent human resources with the aim of developing East Asia.

Learning environment

We conduct level tests four times a year from the time of enrollment to confirm the ability and achieve students’ hope for the future course.

Support for administrative procedures and life by native staff

There will be a lot of uneasiness with unfamiliar life in the foreign country, but staff speaking Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English will consult and assist you. In addition to complex administrative procedures, we make an advice in opening a bank account, procedures in a government office, etc.

Full-time staff support you ,You don’t neewd to worry career after graduation

Full-time staff are permanent, You can consult at any time from normal learning to career, so do not worry.

Two student dormitories, one is next to Shurin Japanese School and the other is 15 minutes on a bicycle from Shurin College of Foreign Language

There are student dormitories in the immediate vicinity of the school. Those who live in Japan for the first time and do not know anyone here appreciate them. Moreover, administrators reside there to assist you.

Fulfilled daily learning and advanced studies in study room and library

The study room is available from 9:00 to 17:00. In the library, not only books to learn necessary things for daily life in Japan, but also magazines for sightseeing and educational institution are available for lend.


Shurin Japanese School is 7 minutes on foot from Ryogoku station. Near Ryogoku Kokugikan, both JR / Toei Subway Line are available. Shurin College of Foreign Language is 7 minutes on foot from Kameido station. You will feel the history in Kameido Tenjin and Katori Shrine. Akihabara, known as the sacred place of anime is also nearby, and it is a convenient place to access Haneda airport and Narita airport.

Grant rate for Immigration Bureau Application is 97% (October, 2017)